You are a geophysical contractor:

  • Our personnel have extensive experience in running seismic surveys in remote areas, jungles, deserts, swamps, shallow water zones.

  • You are looking for a party chief, party manager, HSE advisor, surveyor, mechanic, driller,instrument engineer, geophysicist, field processor, look no further : contact us.

  • You need to purchase specific equipment for surveying, drilling, recording : we can help you select and purchase specialized equipment.

  • You need expertise in assembling a seismic crew : our management personnel have 15 years experience in the field.

You are an Oil & Gas company:

  • You selected a geophysical contractor who lacks experience or does not have a satisfactory management system in place : contact us and we will provide you with experienced specialists to supervise your project.

  • You need a project director to organise bidding and analyse proposals from your contractors : contact us.

  • You need expertise in controlling quality of seismic data in the field : our geophysicists have the required experience and standards.

You are an experienced individual looking for opportunities and challenges:

  • You have extended experience, excellent references and enjoy the job : send us your resume.

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